How APC Rigged 2019 Presidential Election


1) Abia: INEC declared results: APC-85,058, PDP-219,698: Int’l Observers/PDP obtained results(same with INEC declared figures)

(2) Anambra: INEC declared: APC-33,298, PDP-524,738-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results

(3) Imo: INEC declared: APC-140,961, PDP-334,923-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results

(4) Ebonyi: INEC declared: APC-90,726, PDP-258,573: int’l observers/PDP(2 votes reduced from PDP votes)

(5) Enugu: INEC declared: APC-54,423, PDP-355,553: int’l observers/PDP remarks (200 votes added to PDP)

(6) Cross River: INEC Declared: APC-117,302, PDP-295,737: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-17,303, PDP-395, 737 (remarks-100,001 added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)

(7) Rivers: INEC declared: APC-150,710, PDP-473,971: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-102,195, PDP-7019,044 (remarks-48,515 votes added to APC and 245, 073 deducted from PDP)

(8) Delta: INEC declared: APC-221,392, PDP-594,068: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-171,556, PDP-611,228 (remarks: 49,726 votes added to APC and 17, 160 deducted from PDP)

(9) Edo: INEC declared: APC-267,842, PDP-275,691: int’l observers/PDP(remarks: 42 votes added to APC and 10 added to PDP)

(10) Bayelsa: INEC declared: APC-118,821, PDP-197,933: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-56,910, PDP-414,614 (remarks: 216, 618 votes deducted from PDP)

(11) Akwa Ibom: INEC declared: APC-175,429, PDP-395,832: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-75,429, PDP-497,831 (remarks: 1000,000 votes added to APC and 101, 999 deducted from PDP)

(12) FCT: INEC declared: APC-152,224, PDP-259,997: int’l observers/PDP votes (same with INEC declared)

(13) Kogi: INEC declared: APC-285, 894, PDP-218,207: int’l observers/PDP results (same)

(14) Benue: INEC declared: APC-347, 668, PDP-356,817: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-147,668, PDP-555, 255 (remarks: 200,000 votes added to APC and 198, 438 deducted from PDP)

(15) Niger: INEC declared: APC-612,371, PDP-318,052: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-512,371, PDP-318,052(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from PDP)

Others are:
16. Plateau: INEC declared: APC-468,555, PDP-548,665: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

17. Nasarawa: INEC declared: APC-289,903, PDP-283,847: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

18. Kwara: INEC declared: APC-308,984, PDP-138,484: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

19. Ogun: INEC declared: APC-281, 762, PDP-194,655: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

20. Ekiti: INEC declared: APC-219, 231, PDP-154,032: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

21. Ondo: INEC declared: APC-241,769, PDP-275, 901: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

22. Osun: INEC declared: APC-347,632, PDP-337,377: int’l observers/PDP remarks (20,000 votes deducted from PDP votes)

23. Oyo: INEC declared: APC-365,229, PDP-366,690: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-265,229, PDP-466,690(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)

24. Lagos: INEC declared: APC-580,825, PDP-448,015: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-480,814, PDP-548,061(remarks-100,011 votes added to APC and 100, 046 deducted from PDP)

25. Adamawa: INEC declared: APC-378,078, PDP-410,266: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

26. Bauchi: INEC declared: APC-798,428, PDP-209,313: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-598,428, PDP-409,313 (remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

27. Gombe: INEC declared: APC-402,961, PDP-138, 848: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

28. Yobe: INEC declared: APC-497,914, PDP-50,763: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-297,914, PDP-250,763(remarks-200,000 added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP votes)

29. Borno: INEC declared: APC-838,496, PDP-71,788: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-536,496, PDP-371,788 (remarks-302,000 votes added to APC and 300,000 deducted from PDP)

30. Jigawa: INEC declared: APC-734,738, PDP-289,895: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-489,895, PDP-594,338(remarks-305 votes added to APC and 305 deducted from PDP)

31. Taraba: INEC declared: APC-324, 906, PDP-274,743: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-224,096, PDP-474,743(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

32. Kaduna: INEC declared: APC-993,445, PDP-649,612: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-893,445, PDP-749,612(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from PDP)

33. Sokoto: INEC declared: APC-490,333, PDP-361,604: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

34. Zamfara: INEC declared: APC-438,682, PDP-125, 423: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-389,001, PDP-256,490(remarks-49,681 votes added to APC and 131,067 deducted from PDP)

35. Katsina: INEC declared: APC-1,232, 133, PDP-308,056: int’l observers/PDP results: APC- 1,032, 133, PDP-508,056(remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

36. Kebbi: INEC declared: APC-581, 552, PDP-154,282: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-399, 729, PDP-198,755 (remarks-181,823 votes added to APC and 44, 473 deducted from PDP)

37. Kano: INEC declared: APC-1,464, 768, PDP-391,593: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-1,064, 768, PDP-791,593 (remarks-400,000 votes added to APC and 400,000 deducted from PDP).

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