List of Beneficiaries of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa’s Empowerment Programmes


List of Beneficiaries of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa’s Skills acquisition Training and Empowerment Project in partnership with Smedan for Abia North Senatorial District.


Mba Azunna Ogbonnaya, Ikwun ward. Fish Farming

* Nwaole Sunday Oluchukwu, Ikwun ward. Poultry.

* Amechi Nkuma, Eleoha Ward. Fish Farming.

* Emmanuel Okoro, Eleoha Ward. Poultry Farming

* Joseph Nnutia, Ututu ward. Fish Farming

* Thomas Johnson Agwu, Ututu ward. Poultry Farming

* Kalu Bassey Kingsley, Isu ward. Fish Farming

* Onwuka Chibueze, Isu. Poultry Farming

* Kanu Nneoma, Aro ward 1. Fish Farming

* Beatrice Ijeoma, Aro ward 1. Poultry Farming

* Amarachi Ogbonna, Aro ward 2. Fish Farming

* Emmanuel Offor Onyekwere, Aro ward 2. Fish Farming

* Erasmus Chidi Orji, Aro ward 3. Poultry Farming

* Stanley Okwudiri, Aro ward 3. Fish Farming

* Ejike Jonah, Ohafor Abam ward 1. Poultry Farming

* Ogbu Simon, Ohafor Abam ward 1. Poultry Farming

* Ada Uzoegwu, Ohafor Abam ward 2. Cocoanut oil processing

* Mgbodichi Okorie, Ohafor Abam ward 2. Fish Farming

* Agwu Onyinyechi, Ovukwu Abam. Poultry Farming

* Grace Dominic, Ovukwu Abam. Fish Farming

* Hannah Sunday, Ohaeke Abam. Poultry Farming

* Comfort Kalu Agada, Ohaeke Abam. Poultry Farming

* Otah Okubi Mong, Fish Farming

* Chijioke Okoro Ignatius. Poultry Farming

* Joseph Okoroafor. Poultry Farming

* Stephen Chinwendu Omechara. Poultry Farming

* Ann Moses. Poultry Farming

* Okoroafor Emeagha. Poultry Farming

* Lawrence Kalu Uhubi. Poultry Farming.

* Chijioke Eric Kanu. Poultry Farming.


* Livinus Onyengiri, Umuelem/ Ndiawa/ Ihie/ Amorie. Poultry Farming

* Monday Ohakanma, Umuelem/ Ndiawa/ Ihie/ Amorie. Poultry Farming

* Ifeanyi Nlemchukwu, Ezi-Ngodo 1. Cocoanut oil processing

* Uchenna Emenike, Ezi-Ngodo 2. Cocoanut oil processing

* Chinonso Eze, Amuda 1. Fish Farming

* Ifeanyi Chukwu A. Amuda 2. Poultry Farming

* Okorie Chimaobi Eboh, Umuaku 1. Fish Farming

* Obi Gloria, Umuaku 2. Poultry Farming

* Eze Iroabuchi, Mbala/ Achara. Poultry Farming

* Onyeachusi Chioma, Mbala) Achara. Cocoanut oil processing

* Chijioke Nwimo, Eziama Agbo. Poultry Farming

* Chidubem Okoroafor, Eziama Agbo. Fish Farming

* Nwaogidi Josephine C. Eziama Ugwu1 poultry Farming

* Ugwubujo Moses P. Eziama Ugwu 2. Fish Farming

* Eze Gloria, Ubahu/ Akawa/ Arorikpa1. Poultry Farming

* Ebubechukwu Ako, Ubahu/ Akawa/ Arorikpa 2. Poultry Farming

* Christiana Ekwe Okoli, Lokpaukwu 1. Cassava starch processing

* Sylvester Nnabu, Lokpaukwu 2. Fish Farming

* Banabas Udogu, Leru/Lekwesi 1. Cassava starch processing

* Veronica Okorie, Leru/ Lekwesi 2. Cassava starch processing

* Perpetual Ndu, Obinolu/ Lomara/ Obiagu 1. Poultry Farming

* Charity Ekele, Obinolu/ Lomara/ Obiagu 2. Fish Farming

* Joy Onwubiko, Lokpanta. Poultry Farming

* Okechukwu Etoh, Lokpanta. Poultry Farming

* Akabuike Maduabuchi. Poultry Farming

* Ejimdu Samuel. Poultry Farming

* Marize Samuel. Poultry Farming

* Wilson Ibe Chukwuka. Poultry Farming

* Okereke Uzoamaka.
Fish Farming

* Aham Ifeanyi. Poultry Farming.


* Orji Okpan Udensi, Isiama ward. Poultry Farming

* Onyike Agwu, Isiama ward. Poultry Farming

* Afor Kalu, Ebem- Oha ward. Poultry Farming

* Ijeoma Ndukwe Ibiam, Ebem-Oha ward. Poultry Farming

* Nkechinyere Okorie, Ohafor ward. Fish Farming

* Uzunma Kalu, Ohafor ward. Poultry Farming

* Anoyochi Amogu, Ania Ward. Poultry Farming

* Georgiana Ikpeama, Okamu ward. Poultry Farming

* Comfort Uche, Okamu ward. Poultry Farming

* Orji Kalu Agbara, Amaeke ward. Poultry Farming

* Ngozi Nelson, Amaeke ward. Fish Farming

* Nnenna Ndukwo, Amaeke ward. Fish Farming

* Mkpa Queen Chizoba, Abgoji ward. Poultry Farming

* Jane Merford Ojigwo, Agboji Ward. Poultry Farming

* Ukwueri Sam, Amaogudu ward. Cassava starch processing

* Igwe John Lekwauwa, Amaogudu ward. Poultry Farming

* Igbo Onwuka N. Ndi Etiti ward. Poultry Farming

* Ogechi Okorie, Ndi Etiti ward. Poultry Farming

* Isaac Uka Agwu, Ndi Elu ward. Cocoanut oil processing

* Nnenna Johnson, Ndi Elu ward. Poultry Farming

* Solomon Daberechi Gift, Ndi Agbor ward. Cassava starch processing

* Obasi Esther Iro, Ndi Agbor ward. Fish Farming

* Chinenye Ezeigbo Kalu. Poultry Farming

* Obasi Obasi Ogba. Poultry Farming

* Agwu Ugochi, Ania Ward. Poultry Farming

* Okocha Egwuonwu. Cocoanut oil processing

* Rev. Iroha Paul Mba. Poultry Farming

* Patience Kalu Ume. Poultry Farming

* Ugwunwa Enianya. Poultry Farming.


* Ruth Kalu, ward 1. Poultry Farming

* Eva Ijeoma Oguna, ward 1. Cassava starch processing

* Onuoha Emeka, ward 2. Poultry Farming

* Nneoma Elekwa, ward 2. Cocoanut oil processing

* Chukwu Chinyere, ward 3. Cocoanut oil processing

* Chinenye Isaac. Poultrymen

* Comfort Onyinyechi, ward 4. Cocoanut oil processing

* Dede Friday Odimuko. Fish Farming

* Florence Nkpu. Fish Farming

* Ejimofor Akachukwu. Poultry Farming

* Nmaji Monday. Cocoanut oil processing

* Nnamdi Okoro. Cassava starch processing

* Ugorji Florence M. Poultry Farming

* Monday Ugeno. Fish Farming

* Odinaka Ejike. Fish Farming

* Bethel Ibeaja. Fish Farming

* Sunday Nwankwo. Fish Farming

* Agustin Chukwuebuka. Cassava starch processing

* Udoka Agu. Poultry Farming

* Imoh Chima Alloy. Poultry Farming

* Igbokwe Grace. Poultry Farming

* Chidi Ubiada. Cocoanut oil processing

* Chinedum Ekekwe. Cassava starch processing.


* Chizara Ukandu, Bende ward. Cocoanut oil processing

* Theresa Nwosu, Bende ward. Fish Farming

* Ufere Okechukwu, Umuhuezechi ward. Poultry Farming

* Okoro Chioma, Umuhuezechi ward. Poultry Farming

* Uche Egbuta, Ozuitem ward. Poultry Farming

* Okezie Orji, Ozuitem ward. Cocoanut oil processing

* Onyemaechi Sunday Okameme, Nkpa- Umuimenyi. Poultry Farming

* GLORY Ahamefula, Nkpa-Umuimenyi. Cocoanut oil processing

* Life Peter, Itumbauzo ward. Poultry Farming

* Ndidi Joel, Itumbauzo ward. Poultry Farming

* Emenike Ndukwe, Uzuakoli. Fish Farming

* Obioma Okoronkwo, Uzuakoli. Poultry Farming

* Sopuruchi Chikezie, Alayi. Cassava starch processing

* Emenike Ndukwe, Alayi. Poultry Farming

* Uchenna Chukwu, Ugwueke ( Ezeukwu). Poultry Farming

* Mercy O. Ogbonnaya, Ugwueke (Ezeukwu). Poultry Farming

* Happiness Obioma Ogwo, Item A fish Farming

* Chima Igwe Okeh, Item A Fish Farming

* Favor Ezinne Eke, Item B Cocoanut oil processing

* Igwe Kelechi, Item Ward B poultry Farming

* Mary Eke, Item Ward C. Poultry Farming

* Ifeanyi Igwe, Item Ward C. Cocoanut oil processing

* Mbaonu Dick, Igbere ward A. Poultry Farming

* Joseph Obike, Igbere ward A. Cocoanut oil processing

* Dickson Kalu Uwakwe, Igbere ward B. Fish Farming

* Ngozi Chukwuma, Igbere ward B. Poultry Farming

* Chidinma Abosi. Cassava starch processing

* Ifeanyi Odoemena. Fish Farming

* Nkechi Emenike. Poultry Farming.


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