Believe In Your Commanders By Chinedu Jumbo Azubike



They also had serious crisis at Abuja , Badagry and Warri.
That of Ikorodu was even on pages of newspapers and social media !

But they were able to mange their in-house crisis. They believe in the abilities of their leaders to handle the stormy weather !

Nobody in their camp came up on Facebook to trash their leaders for incompetence over d Badagry , Abuja and Warri issues ! They didn’t come to social media to insult their leaders even IF it was obvious that there might have been wrong decisions !

I see discipline in that camp. They are strategic , organized and they have firm leadership that’s in charge !

They have so many leaders who are dedicated, sacrificial and straightforward in financing their cause !

Their leaders know that it takes money to do logistics and lobbying in war situation ! Prayer and wishful thinking cannot do logistics !

The best Army in the world use money for warfare logistics and diplomatic lobbying ! It’s not new !!

Apex leadership sent a delegation of wise men who left their convenience to travel all the way to find lasting solutions and bring about peace and unity !

Should we not trust the wisdom , judgment and authority vested on them ? Must we come to the public to give clinical analysis of the performance of the delegates who are also our fathers ??

Is it that the delegates were bought over ? Or they are not to be trusted !

Who is beating this drum ?
Men under authority can be called to order by those in authority ! It takes one phone call , one text message to put a stop to this show of shame on social media !

May I not come to a point in ministry when my leaders or mentors cannot call me to order !

Sycophantic soldiers can also be influenced to target a fellow soldier in the same camp just to gain cheap loyalty and promotion in d ranks.

When a leader commands to live a particular battle field. A disciplined soldier will do as instructed ! That is how you know a true and dedicated warrior !

The battle at Sambisa forest got soar when field Commanders began to rise against Generals in the Nigeria Army ! It cost the Military casualties. Till today they have not recovered !

True warriors dont ridicule emissaries of their General !
A true soldier knows when to fight and when to withdraw !

Fearless fighting warriors get discouraged when deliberate friendly fire becomes one too many in the camp !

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