By 2019,There Will be No PDP in Abia State -Uche Ogah


A 2015 Governorship Aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and now a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress(APC) in Abia State Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah has said that by 2019,no Abian Dead or Alive will vote for the Peoples Democratic Party over what he described as Negligence by the PDP led Government in Abia State.

Uche Ogah,President of Masters Eneryg Oil and Gas stated this on Saturday 19th August 2017 when he played host to Members of the Abia State Chapter of the Association of Online Media Practitioners(AMPON) In his Country home of Uturu Isukwuato Local Government Area of Abia State.

He Retirated his ealier statement that the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) is structured like a Cult in Abia State that only caters for its members and not for the wellbeing of Abia.

“I have said it before in the last interview i granted that the PDP in Abia State is structured like a cult that cares for its own members while the masses are left to languish. There is no vision, there is no template, there is nothing in place, there is no drive, there is no passion, no program. Abia PDP Structured Governance like a national cake to be shared zone by zone. Each zone comes to power to cut their share and go while the people suffer. Anyone who comes to power begins to think first on how to acquire properties in different parts of the world, without thinking about the people. They don’t care. Governance is about service, it is about leaving a lasting legacy”.

“Can you Imagine that the achievements of the old Eastern region can still not be attempted today, rather the infrastructures built then are decaying or being sold. None of todays Governors of the south east today has attempted to replicate the vision of just one man. Governance is about vision, you have to sit down and project where you want your people to be in the next 10 years, 20 years or 30 years. Payment of Salaries should not even be talked about, because it is always part of the wage bill. I believe that if you love the people, you will first of all pay them their salaries. There shouldn’t be any excuse for owing workers, because Government receives various revenues, From IGR, to Federal Allocations, to windfalls. That apart because its recurrent, lets talk about capital expenditure, where the house of legislators approve funds for a particular project several times yet the legislators cant speak out against this fraud. Is it that we are cursed”?

“Anyways, as far as am concerned, there will be no PDP in Abia State come 2019. I don’t see any justification for any human being dead or alive to vote for PDP in Abia state. What we are saying is that Abia must move forward. We have stayed so long in the dark. Even the people being governed should ask questions when things are going wrong, as it is today. People should speak out, that is what is needed to birth change. I am speaking the way am speaking because i don’t need anything from Abia State in my community. They have done nothing for us. I built the schools, they are the best, i built the police station, i built the hospitals and equipped them, so i don’t need government to do anything for me”.

“The People should stand up and say enough is enough. I can afford to go and live in America, but what about our people? Look at what is happening in Abia, businesses are packing up, no roads in Aba, nothing is going on, warehouses are being converted, what we see is moribund industries everywhere. I have told them before that we must work with the private sector to develop the state, but no business man can invest in any state, when they don’t trust the people in power. People in public office should endeavour to be open, because no matter how we try to hide the truth, it must come to the fore one day, and if you like by then run to America or Germany, you will be made to come back and pay for it, that is why you see people resisting change, because they know the evil they have perpetrated. I don’t want to loose my faith, my sanity, my conscience and integrity because i want to be a Governor, its better i give up Governorship and have all these, because there are better days ahead”.

Speaking on the 200million Dollars recently approve for the Abia State Government to Borrow,the oil magnet said the Abia State House of Assembly is not doing their Job effectively.

 “A ray of hope? You call borrowing a ray of hope? Borrowing cannot be a ray of hope. It is a ray of catastrophe. For What? What are the projects they are borrowing the money for? I am totally against the taking of any more facility from anywhere. Do you know that Abia is indebted to the tune of N72bn, go and check with DMO. What have we done with the one we borrowed in the past? If they say they want o borrow, they should define what they want to do with it. If they are borrowing for commercial purposes then it is understandable, but if it is borrowing a facility that will be misappropriated, then there is no hope there, it is merely hopelessness”.

“The House of Assembly are not doing their job. Why will they approve for the state to borrow when the previous ones have not been properly utilised or accounted for? The state assembly should fight this battle for the people, i don’t want to believe that they have being compromised as people are saying, but they should also know that Nigerians no longer spare compromising and unperforming legislators, some legislators were even slapped in the North”.

“Am not against borrowing money, but you have to show what you have done with the one you borrowed before and tell us what you intend to do with the one you want to borrow. What are we even borrowing for? If Abia can be well structured, we can make well over N100m everyday from the leather industry(if they want that they can come for consultancy…laughter), its not by touting, pursuing Okada, Keke people and Trailer Drivers, the world has gone beyond that. There a lot of initiatives that needs to be developed in the state to generate cash flow from Aba, Umuahia and across the state. You don’t necessarily need to borrow. How much did Peter Obi borrow? Anambra is larger than Abia. They have rebuilt Ochanja Market, and other markets are springing up in Anambra state. And other cities like Nnewi are emerging in the state. Look at Ebonyi here, few years ago, if you were transferred to Abakaliki, you will be crying, but today people are leaving Umuahia to go and live in Abakaliki. Is it not a disaster? So i believe that the state Assembly owe the people Explanation for all the Loans they have been approving without a commensurate executed projects”!

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