Open letter to Uche Ogah By: John Okiyi Kalu


I wish to call on Mr Uche Ogah once more to beat a quick retreat from his latest coup plot against Governor Okezie Ikpeazu that was fine tuned at Uturu yesterday and early this morning for execution today.

1. Desperation leads to irredeemable blunders that a life time might not be enough to correct. People will most likely die if you do what you are planning for today or any time this weekend. As a self confessed Christian and member of full gospel business men fellowship, like myself, you must know that whatever is your ambition is not worth the blood of any person. Check the Bible, God never spared anyone who shed blood for power.
2. In your haste you collected a certificate of return from INEC that is patently fake. No election was won in Abia on 11th April 2015 and all those you “motivated” at INEC knew that before issuing you the dud certificate. My brother, they were the same people that alerted us about the irredeemable error. If you still have doubt please ask them to show you a copy of the original COR issued to Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and compare it to what you are holding. You have been duped, my dear brother in the Lord.
Are you now going to plead “presumption of genuineness” that you and Abang denied Governor Okezie? Remember you entered that information in your court affidavits, like the Governor entered the details from Tax Office to his form CF001, and you and Abang called it false information. You are now staring forgery and/or false information suit in your face. If you attempt to use that document then add treason. You DO NOT HAVE A VALID COR AND CANNOT BE GOVERNOR.
3. If indeed you are confident in the justice of your cause, please wait for the Supreme Court to rule. There is absolutely no reason to deploy desperate means like your plan to get a judge from outside the state or give $1m to one of our principal judges.
4. I expected those who were at your Uturu home till after midnight today to tell you that there is no legal means to realize your ambition apart from waiting till all the suits are litigated up to the Supreme Court. Remember that there is a court ruling stopping your swearing in from two Abia High Courts. The latest ruling on this matter came from a Federal High Court at Owerri. You must know that is the current position of the law.
That you have made attempts to vacate the rulings at Osisioma and Owerri show that you are fully aware of the orders and their effects. Even your attempt on Monday to get a backdoor reversal at Abuja failed and yet they spent last night encouraging you to embark on treason.
Uche, don’t fall into the trap of those who are only thinking about themselves and the gifts you give them. Prayerfully ask God to guide your thoughts and save you from a fatal blunder.
5. Yourself and Governor Okezie have filed appeals against Abia High Court, Owerri and Abang High Court. It is judicial malfeasance to go on Appeal and then try to take the law into your hands. You have been fully served with all the processes.
Retreat my brother. Most of those edging you on are political jobbers and self seekers. They don’t love you or Abia. You may wish to know that since Alex Otti filed his appeal last Friday some of those who were edging you on and collecting “gifts” from you have started collecting from him too. I promise to share their names with your surrogates, if you ask me through them.
6. All those thugs they are shipping from Anambra and Niger Delta States will end up fighting and possibly killing their Igbo brothers or be killed by their Igbo brothers. Will you live with the knowledge that the killing was done in your name? Is the seat of Governor worth it?
7. Mazi Uche Ogah, the money you are pumping into this matter will be put to better use in job creation in Abia. How many of those who have collected from you are Abians?
You are young and should work with your brother Governor Ikpeazu till 2023 and run again. Even me will likely back you then. Whatever is making you this desperate can be solved through cooperation with your brother Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Meet with him and discuss and forget all those stories politicians told you. They are benefiting from your problem with the Governor while common Abians are suffering. Put common Abians first and wait on God. That is if you still believe that power belongs to God.
8. I wish you well if you decide to go ahead with your plans. Just know that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is fully aware of all your plots and meetings. If you imagine that you can put your hands in the mouth of a lion like him and collect what is there you are mistaking fear of God and humility for weakness. He is not weak. He fears God and hence enjoys GRACE from God.
Let good sense prevail please.
Once more I assure the whole world that if this tax matter is litigated up to the Supreme Court and Governor Ikpeazu loses he will congratulate Ogah and move on. I guess my brother Ogah already know that a 5 man Appeal or Supreme Court panel will not sacrifice their integrity for Abangnization. Even political pressure will not sway them.
Justice will not only be done but seen to be done. W A I T.
-the voice in the wilderness has spoken

NOTE: The man who tell you the truth is your best friend. If I had your phone number I would have called and told you these things. I have posted them here knowing that your senior surrogates are my Facebook friends and will share this post with you within minutes of my posting it. Read and abandon the plot hatched last night.

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