Why ladies get it all wrong in martial choices


Many ladies are known to base their marital decision on things that will not endure a life time. These decisions have  led many of  them into making the wrong choices. Thus, living their live in total bondage.
We will be looking at some of these things which now serve as a criteria for some ladies.

A well furnished house: Many would throw caution into the wind to grab a man whose house of the palace size; beautiful sets of furniture, micro wave, nice kitchen sets, Jacuzzi -you just name it and they are good to go. A well furnished house is good but it may a compounded trouble if the guy is not a man of character, manners or discretion,he will only end up making the house a torture zone instead of a comfort zone for you.

Height: Every lady’s dream is to become a Mrs to a tall dark guy with a baritone voice. This is a complete fantasy cause tallness doesn’t qualify a man to make a better husband. They would rather give u bigger problems than you can carry. Mind you,it’s not the height that matters but the depth of the guy in God and character;if you’re lucky to have who is tall and indepthed in God,then thank your stars.

Rich guys and background : Of course most girls would want to get married to this group just because they want to have access to money and connections not because they love ‘me.

He is muscular: Muscular and heavy looking guys , are often lucky as they are seen to be good suitors and referred to as being “manly” they look like real men”. Muscles don’t make a real man; character and ability to shoulder responsibility do.

Romance: Often you hear ladies  say “I love him because he’s sexy, hot, romantic and good in bed. Am sorry you’re just hallucinating. This is because 70% of married couples today seldom do after the wedding. If you wish to know more, find out from them.
Having your dreams and desires is in no way wrong but allowing them to becloud  your sense of judgement in the choice of a life partner, is what makes it all wrong. All that glitters is not gold; don’t be deceived,marry for the right reasons and you won’t regret you did.
A handsome face will definitely get old, a nice and muscular body will also change but good man with a good heart will always remain. 

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