Wike is Running a Criminal Government,Says Wechie


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike is running a Criminal Government by not making the state Budget Public,Coordinator of the Integrity Group Mr Livinstone Wechie has Said.

Livingstone Wechie who spearheaded the attempt to deny the Former Governor of Rivers State Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi the chance of being Screened as a Minister also said all the Documents his Group paraded were Forged by the Rivers State Government to blackmail Amaechi.

“We acted in 2015 believing that the documents used in fighting Rotimi Amaechi were true, being documents emanating from the Government. Time has played out, we have just realised that those documents were only politically fabricated just to fight and stop Rotimi Amaechi’s appointment”

“I was the architect of Justice Omereji’s panel report that indicted Rotimi Amaechi in 2015. I drew the script, the report etc”

“The only intention of Nyesom Wike’s government was to let the world know how bad this man, Rotimi Amaechi was, and leave it at that without prosecution, because they have nothing really indicting him. They have continued to ride on those wings to exhibit fiscal irresponsibility in Government”.

Speaking at AIT’s Current affiars Programme Focus Nigeria on Today,Mr Wechie said Governor Nyesom Wike is running a One Man Government and non of his Commissioner can take any action in their Miisteries.

“No Commissioner in Wike’s government can award a contract, not even for the supply of ordinary pencil. Everything, contracts, projects etc is being done by Governor Wike himself.

“In the 8 years of Amaechi’s tenure, the Budget was a public document but, in this Wike’s government, no one government official, not even commissioners have access to the budget for these two years. Only a criminal hides Budget”.

Apparently regretting his actions,Mr Wechie said his Happiness was that he was alive to explain what actually Happened in 2015

” My joy is that I now have the opportunity to explain what actually played out in 2015 and still going on”.


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