The Obsequies Of The Lies Against Rt. Hon ROTIMI CHIBUIKE AMAECHI By Oby Ndukwe


There is a part of everyman that lives even after the man has died;and that is His Reputation.If it must remain cleanly alive,then it must be watched.Little wonder Socrates said that “an unexamined life is not worth Living”.

We are in a time where men especially those in authorities care less about their reputation.Leaders who have sworn to oaths come opening to deceive and mislead the people just for personal it is often said that the sky is too big for birds to collide,many still believe that someone must go down for them to go higher.Typical of Governor Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike and His Cronies and associates.They chose to kill and bury their repute while they were alive in a bid to also stop or even . limit the growth of Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.When it was impossible to stop Him through electoral and clearcut legal processes,they resorted to outright lying to blackmail Nigerians. They thought less that whatever have a beginning also have an end… Alas, the death of their protracted “knock him down” Collosus has finally come.

Now that those lies are dead the burial programs have been rolled out in chains as follow;
In 2013, Wike accused Amaechi of Using Rivers money to empower non Rivers; just after two years,Wike became Governor and employed the services of non Rivers men and women.
In 2014,Wike arranged the stoning of Northern Governors in Port Harcourt that Amaechi was betraying the Niger Delta for the north. Three years later, Wike went to Sokoto with our Traditional Rulers and Elders to tell them He is their Brother. In 2014, Wike called for Amaechi’s head because he chose to support Buhari for President.

Two years later,Wike went to support Sheriff and later Makarfi to be PDP Chairmen.
6.In 2013, Wike said when they win, Amaechi will be jailed.
Two years later Wike cried out that Amaechi want state of emergency so that they will bail Him.
In 2014,Wike and his cronies supported the carding  of Soku Oil Well to Bayelsa,     in 2016 (two years later), Wike cried out that Amaechi should help bring back our oil wells from Bayelsa.
In 2014, Wike used the federal might to bring back runaway militants to the state and left the state porous security wise.
Two years later,Wike cried out that Amaechi was making the state  ungovernable for him.
9.In April 2017,Wike and his Cronies cried out to the world that the Over $50M discovered at Osborne Towers Ikoyi was stashed away there by Amaechi from Rivers coffers.

In 2015,Wike said Amaechi looted Rivers treasury and tried to use Mr Livingstone Wechie to raise petitions and arranged a fictitious panel of inquiry to indict Amaechi and stop him from being appointed a Minister.
Two years later,Mr Wechie have come to tell the world that all were lies and fabrications to smear the Image of ROTIMI CHIBUIKE AMAECHI.

Surely,the triumph of evil over good is but temporary.
We want to make bold to state categorically that Mr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike has lost credibility and has desecrated the office  of the Governor with impunity that he ought to take a bow and leave that exalted office of the Governor.

This is victory for Democracy!!!

Oby Ndukwe Wrote from Portharcourt


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