Rivers; Crises Rocks Ahoada East PDP Over Diversion Of Contracts Awarded to GDI by Wike


As The Renovation Of 5 Schools Contracts Divides House

The Contracts awarded by Governor Nyesom Wike to the 23 Local Government Chapters of the Grassroots Development Initiative(GDI) is tearing the Ahoada East Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party apart over the Diversion of the LGA’s Contract.

PUO REPORTS gathered that  65% of the Members of the Grassroot Developement Initiative are about to pull out following the unimaginable relegation of those who contributed in one way or the other to the success of the government of the day.The aggrieved members expressed their dissatisfaction on the leadership of the LGA GDI.

The aggrieved members who arose from a meeting held in Ahoada town on Sunday July 2nd 2017 called on Governor Nyesom Wike to Immediately intervene and save the GDI and the Peoples Democratic Party from any embarrassment.

It was gathered 2 out of the 5 contracts valued at 156 million issued to Ahoada east GDI for the renovation of primary schools was diverted and sold out by the GDI Cordinator in Ahoada East LGA Mr Ben Eke

A Source in the Know of the rumblings within the Ahoada East GDI said the LGA Cordinator used his cronnies to divert some of the funds

“The renovation of schools contracts has been hijacked by the LGA coordinator of GDI.No meeting has been convened ever since. Meanwhile the jobs,supplies and supervision has been given to his inlaws and friends.While others have been sold out.The youths,women and elders who where teargassed by the police because of their support for Wike prior 2015 have been rejected.
The usual slogan Is,GDI….We can.But now Ahoada east members are chanting GDI…WE CANNOT”


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