Proffessor Hillary Edeoga, A Man Known For His Unquestionable Character By Nwokonna Emmanuel.


Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, leadership is defined by results & attributes.
With this, one need not wonder why the fourth administration of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike recorded trail blazing & monumental achievements that attracted many students to the school, this has certainly remained the testimony on the lips of many.

Professor Hilary Edeoga, a man known for his unquestionable character, was appointed the fourth Vice chancellor of Michael Okpara university of agriculture, Umudike in 2011. Before this meritorious appointment, professor Edeoga severed in various capacities within & outside the University.

Mouau was established in the year 1992 but the academic activities commenced in the year 1993/1994 academic session. However, Mouau of old could not in any way compete with other federal universities in the country. It was lowly ranked among Nigerian higher institutions of learning. When professor Edeoga assumed office, it was as if heavens let loose & funds were pouring down. Prof. Edeoga made frantic efforts to access funds from TETFUND ( tertiary Education Trust Fund) which were not being accessed prior to 2011.

Mouau was a shadow of itself, with uncompleted projects littering the entire landscape.
In addition to these, the University at that time averaged a meager annual intake of 1250 students owing to poor facilities & consequently low student enrolment.

Prior to prof. Edeoga’s appointment as the vice chancellor, many people only knew the name of the university but could not say exactly where it is located,’ others confuse it with College of Agriculture, Umuagwo, Imo State.

However, the story is no longer the same for Mouau after & before the appointment of professor Hilary Edeoga as the Vice Chancellor in 2011/ 2015 there was this new face of Mouau. The students enrolment that was catapulted intakes to 5000, the University ranking was shifted from where it used to be to top 20 universities in Nigeria.

These & more many more are the testimonies of a non detraberlized achiever. Professor, Hilary Odo Edeoga within 4years in service.

 Nwokonna Emmanuel a Journalist and Editor of the Educator wrote from Umuahia


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