Like Ali Modu Sherrif Like Paul Emeka


There is no doubt that the crises that rocked the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) was similar with the one that rocked Assemblies Of God Nigeria between 2014-2017.

For Ali Modu Sheriff,the same Peoples Democratic Party Members that brought him as National Chairman of the Party also removed him in May 2016 in Portharcourt.

For Paul Emeka,the Members of Assemblies Of God Nigeria that brought him in 2010 also Removed him on the 6th of March 2014 over his Dictatorial tendencies and lack of Respect to the Bye-Laws o Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Sheriff went to Court after his Removal by the Party and Justice Okon Abang,the Judge of the Court of First Instance declared him as the Authentic National Chairman of the PDP and declared as illegal his Removal by the Party

Paul Emeka went to Court to stop the meeting where his actions will be discussed but failed to secure an interim order stopping the General Commitee Meeting,after his Removal as General Superintendent,Justice Anthony Onovo of the Enugu High Court returned him as General Superintendent,declaring his suspension illegal and even awarding him N300,Million as Damages.

For Ali Modu Sheriff,the Court of Appeal in Portharcourt upheld the ruling of the Federal High Court Abuja,while for Paul Emeka,the Appeal Court sitting in Enugu upturned the Judgement of Justice Anthony Onovo as Upheld the Decision of Assemblies Of God Nigeria General Commitee in removing Paul Emeka as General Superintendent.

Ali-Modu Sheriff had the backing of the current Inspector General of Police Mr Idris Ibrahim while Rev Paul Emeka had the backing of the Former Inspector General of Police Mr Solomon Arase.
Ali-Modu Sheriff took over the National Secretariat of the PDP at Wadata Plaza,while Paul Emeka violently took over the Secretariat of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in Enugu.

But for Paul Emeka,the Supreme Court on 24th February 2017 affirmed his sack by the Assemblies Of God Nigeria while to the Supreme Court affirmed the sacking of Ali-Modu Sheriff as National Chairman of the PDP.

Although Paul Emeka deceived his Supporters that the Supreme Court never sacked him but asked him to refil his Case,Ali-Modu Sheriff even before the Judgement of the Supreme Court said he will abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

It is now Clear,the Kingmakers are more than the King.

Those who brought you also have the powers to Remove You
A great Lesson for all.
PUO wrote from Aba


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