Constituents Begins Recall Of Rivers Assembly Deputy Speaker Marshall Uwom


Worried over the lack of quality Representation in Abua/Odual State Constituency,some Concerned Youths have moved to Recall the Member Representing Abual/Odual State Constituency and Deputy Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly Rt Hon Marshall Uwom.

The Youths in an Open Letter to their Lawmaker,said their Decision was hinged on the lack of Representation,saying the the Abual People have not felt the impact of his Representation in the Last Two Years.
Already the Youths had collated Signatories of Thousands of Constituents that made up the Constituency
Here is their LETTER

We write to directly address you for the first time on the above subject matter.
As concerned youths from your constituency, we have been on the side line and have observed with dismay your pitfalls as a leader/representative of the people of Abua/Odual. Placing your performance on a scale of 100%, you have fallen below 5% from when you started as a Commissioner to the last two years you have served as an assembly member. Rather than represent the people, you have only represented yourself. You have undermined the general well-being, interest and development of the people and have placed your personal interest above all else. This for us is totally unacceptable.
Following your lack of leadership abilities as observed above, we have invoked section 110 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended and have been collating signatories to enable us raise a petition to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with an aim to kick-start a process of recall against you.
Whereas we have collated almost enough signatories to enable us move to the next level, but haven listened to pleas from a couple of elders on your behalf, and as a people who retain high level of regards for elders and as believers of “second chance”, we have decided to open a window of easy-way-out for you which includes:
1. Voluntarily resign. Or 
2. Facilitate the return back to site, the contractor handling the Okpeden road. 
3. Facilitate the return back to site, the contractor handling the Otapha road. 
4. Facilitate the rehabilitation of the Emughan road. 
5. Facilitate the rehabilitation of the Ogbema Waterside road.
6. Facilitate the provision of portable drinking water for some of the villages in the Odual axis. 
7. Facilitate the provision of transformers for some of the communities in Abua/Odual.
Failure to do either number one (No.I) or the other demands as outlined in this letter on or before 31st July 2017 will leave us no other choice but to move on with the submission of the petition.
Again, ever since we started this process, we have been getting threats from some unscrupulous elements who claim to be your “boys”, we advise you ask them to stop forthwith as our own reaction towards them which of course will remain within and not without the dictates of the law may not be very pleasing. We have also been receiving tantrums and goofing on the media from a few who claim to be representing you.
Our advice is that inasmuch as it is within the limits of their rights to say what they like, they should desist from making instigating statements that is tantamount to causing a breach of peace and break down of law and order as this may not help the overall wellbeing of the Abua/Odual people and yourself in particular.
Thanks, in anticipation of your swift action.
10th July, 2017.


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