BREAKING: Supreme Court Declares Markarfi as National Chairman of PDP


By 8:36 a.m., the court room was already filled to the brim.

Members and supporters of the Makarfi caretaker committee arrive the courtroom.
9:03a.m. Supreme Court justices led by Justice Rhodes Vivour enters court room
9:33 a.m Justice Rhodes Vivour is now reading the judgements as it relates to the various applications.
9:43a.m He said the judgement did not declare the conduct of the PDP national convention as illegal.
“The national convention did not violate any court orders,” he said‎.
9:46a.m Reading the judgement, Justice Vivour explains how the national conventional should not have been disregarded by the appeal court.
The subject matter concerns Article 33 of PDP constitution which states:
There shall be a national convention…
All members of the party shall be bound by the decisions of leaders from the National convention.
Article 33 states the supremacy of the National convention.
Article 35 allows for the deputy national chairman.

Article 47 states the party may remove the National leader after two years.
May is not the same thing as shall, the judge said. A national officer can be removed without a vote of no confidence.
There can be no doubt that the National convention has enormous powers over the party.


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